Starting rate

Allows you to start working with CDN right away. Storage and traffic are billed according to consumption.

Storage 1GBCHF 0.04 / month
Transfer 1GBCHF 0.0025

Package with included traffic

On a prepaid basis, a traffic package from 100TB and above is provided. The price for 1GB of traffic in a package offer can drop to CHF 0.001. The maximum bandwidth is not limited. If you have sharp short-term traffic jumps, then the bundle tariff is an opportunity to save on traffic and provide high-speed user access to your content.

Storage 1GBCHF 0.03 / month
Transfer 100TBCHF 260 / month
Transfer 500TBCHF 1'090.- / month
Transfer 1,000TBCHF 1'670.- / month
Transfer 2,000TBCHF 2'825.- / month
Transfer 5,000TBCHF 5'130.- / month

Package with included bandwidth

Another prepaid option for medium and large projects. Does your project constantly occupy a certain size of a bandwidth? This tariff is for you! On prepayment base, you are provided with the ordered band with a rating of 95% load (the so-called burst, i.e., the peak values are cut off). The bandwidth is actually not limited, the excess is paid according to a personal agreement. With this method of tariffication, the price for a 10Gbps bandwidth can drop to CHF 880.

Storage 1GBCHF 0.03 / month
Bandwidth 10GbpsCHF 980
Bandwidth 20GbpsCHF 1'930.-
Bandwidth 30GbpsCHF 2'820.-
Bandwidth 50GbpsCHF 4'575.-
Bandwidth 70GbpsCHF 6'140.-

If you have a large project, we are ready to arrange for you individual terms of cooperation.

In addition, under individual conditions, the option of a "standard" CDN is available: 1-2 basic CDN nodes are selected to store client data, and the most popular content is distributed to regional CDN nodes without the client's participation in this process.